I’ll Ruin You/I’ve Already Ruined Me

As I crane my neck up,

The endless layers of clotheslines,

make it impossible to see the sunrise.

Instead I see lights flicker on,

one by one, as the inhabitants,

in their tiny apartments, start their day.

The grind continues but I roam,

I’m searching for something more-

I found a technology graveyard that day.

They throw computers out after a couple years,

Just toss ‘em out. No cares for the work they’ve done

All those years and I think that

Junky desktops can cry too.

Right now, they tell me I’m young

but the days, the days keep blending,

I’m starting to feel much older than I should.

I’m tired of trying to keep up,

and, somehow, I’m still hoping to watch that sunrise.